Of supporting facilities, poor compatibility, low level of equipment

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Overall, our existing logistics infrastructure Although there has been significant progress, but is still relatively backward. By land area and population density calculation of the transport network, China is only 1344.48 km / square kilometers, while the US is 6869.3 kilometers / square kilometers, Germany 14,680.4 km / square kilometers, India 5403.9 km / square kilometers. In this respect, we are not only lagging behind the developed countries in Europe and America, compared with India and other developing countries also have a wide gap, if the gap is larger by population (the State Council Development Research Center "research report" total 1417).
In fragmentation, long management of the traditional model of the impact of planning and construction of a variety of logistics infrastructure lack the necessary coordination, thus supporting logistics infrastructure, poor compatibility, causing the system function is not strong. Between the various modes of transport, lack of hub facilities construction continuity between different parts of the transportation system investment, have an important influence on the development of the logistics industry in a variety of integrated shipping hub, logistics base, logistics center construction and development is slow.
China's logistics system generally low level of technology and equipment behind. In warehousing facilities, third party logistics warehouse owned 70% of ordinary bungalow warehouse, modern three-dimensional automated warehouse facility ratio is very low, with a frozen, fresh, functional warehouse atmosphere less. In handling tools used in the artificial truck, hand truck and general lifting equipment accounted for more than 70%, while the truck can screen and other modern handling tools but rarely used. In terms of transportation, third-party logistics enterprises owned transport vehicles, conventional vehicles accounted for more than 70%, while the modern box-type container and container tractors and special transport vehicles are few. Logistics companies to develop and use of logistics information software, the performance level is not high, even though some software is more appropriate, but sometimes they are not compatible with customer systems.


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